This jam is open to ANYONE in the world! The only Chicago centric part of it is that the cabinet will be housed in Chicago. We'll still pick out games we really like and talk about them on the blog etc.

Over the past year or so various highly dedicated Indie City Games heroes here in Chicago have been working away at creating an arcade cabinet that we can call our own. All of that work is finally coming to fruition and by that I mean Rob Lach is finally just doing a large amount of the hardware based work for us because the rest of us are bad with physical construction. (Imagine four scrawny guys lugging around a heavy arcade cabinet. It happened.)

One cool thing about the Indie City Arcade cabinet is that we're going to be housing it in multiple rad locations. In each place we put the cabinet we'll also be looking to run a game jam around the theme of the location.

Emporium Arcade Bar

Recently Jake, Phil, and Devon visited Emporium Arcade Bar in Wicker Park. With a little luck and a lot of good looks they managed to snag the permission of owners Doug and Danny to put the cabinet in Emporium starting in January, 2013. So you can probably guess as to what the theme for the jam might be, drinking games! And so the 'Six Pack Jam' was born.

We'll be holding the Indie City Games 'Six Pack Jam' December 6th through January 6th. After this time we'll put all the games created during SPJ into the Indie City Arcade cabinet and then anyone at Emporium will be able to come by and check out the talent! If all goes well we'll continue to do cool stuff like this. Exciting! And how!

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