This jam is open to ANYONE in the world! The only Chicago centric part of it is that the cabinet will be housed in Chicago. We'll still pick out games we really like and talk about them on the blog etc.

The theme is "Drinking."

The Arcade cabinet has 3-4 year old hardware, don't make Crysis unless 10fps is intentional to simulate drunk Crysis.

The game must run as a standalone 32-bit windows executable in full screen. The native resolution of the monitor is 1920 x 1080.

If you're working with Adobe Flash, you must capture or suppress right click.

We have 2 joysticks, a trackball and 7-buttons per joystick. The buttons and 4-way joysticks will be mapped to keyboard keys. The mouse will be mapped to the trackball. Plan accordingly. See Diagram Below

You can work in teams or by yourself.

You don't have to jam a full month on the game. You can put in 6-days or 6-hours. You're encouraged to spend less than 6-days total, but use however much you need!

We are planning at least one meetup to jam locally in Chicago (TBA).

Please upload your game by 12AM CST on Jan 7th.

You can use whatever pre-existing engines/code/assets/tools you want.

Tis the season.

Drinking is encouraged while jamming (if you are of age), but not required unless that's part of your game.

Button Configuation

Any questions can be asked on the update feed or directed to: